Essay about Incorporating Uniforms into Our School

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As stated in the Morning Call on January 11, 2013, “Uniforms will reduce bullying, teasing and disruption while also being a cheaper alternative for poor parents who struggle every year to afford new school clothes for their children”(Esack). Much like the Allentown Area School District, incorporating uniforms needs to be a priority for Pen Argyl High School. Not only will students have better attendance once uniforms are required, but one can also expect school achievement to increase. The enacting of a uniform rule by the Pen Argyl School District geared towards the high school would halt bullying in our school, eliminate questionable dress code violations, and make all students and personnel easily identifiable when present in the high school building.
It cannot be denied that bullying is a significant issue for the adolescent population. Enacting a uniform policy will help to decrease this common issue that many teens are plagued with. For example, uniforms would eliminate teenagers mocking one another based on their style of clothing. Social evaluation is based on physical appearance. With uniforms, there is entirely no controversy over who has the newest, coolest clothes in school; style is eliminated from the academic equation which would lead to less bullying occurring throughout the typical school day. Many teens often pester their parents for money in order to obtain the latest trends, which are not always school appropriate. The reason for this is that…

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