Incorporation of Ethics into Business Practices

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Thus if a business decides to conduct their actions with good ethics it has the power to influence a lot of how the business is run, also the whole atmosphere within the business and how the businesses interacts with its surroundings.
A business can also be run with good values, values are defined, “as the context within an organisation or society’s norms are established and justified. Values are attitudes towards things like truth, justice, honesty, loyalty etc.” With a combination of good values, ethics and good business ethics this all lead to helping a business to be sustainable.
Should a business want to incorporate these ethical aspects into their business culture the simplest way to do so would be for the business to incorporate a code of conduct. A code of conduct should include all the business key values, ethics and how workers should interact with one another. It must include the consequences for those that don’t abide by these values and ethics.
The other way for a business to incorporate ethics and values into their business culture is for management to lead by example. Management can conduct themselves with ethics and good values by showing those below them how to behave and how to reach situations ethically…
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