Incorporation of Information Technology Solutions Essay

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Due to dramatic changes in organisational management, technology plays an important role in today business environment. According to Groomer & Murthy (1989) incorporation of information technology solutions are becoming increasingly important for all businesses in order to operate successfully. One way that many businesses have implemented information technology on a large scale (Groomer & Murthy, 1989) is by setting up Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to achieve their business transaction and data processing needs. According to the business need, selecting the appropriate information system such as Enterprise resource planning (ERP) will be appropriate and suitable because it improves efficiency. However it should be borne in…show more content…
And it is the tool that facilitates the business not only to nourish its operation but also flourish its profits and growth (Zhua et al., 2010). Additionally Kumar & Hillegersberg (2000, p. 22) has defined ERP systems as “configurable information systems packages that integrate information and information-based processes within- and cross-functional areas in an organization”. Enterprise resource planning software such as Oracle and SAP is highly effective tools to manage and analyse the multidimensional aspects of businesses such as financials, operations and corporate services, human capital management, etc. (Priyadarshini, 2002). A company using the ERP financial products (Priyadarshini, 2002) can save a lot of money over the long term and the organization's productivity will be improved. Furthermore Morris (2011) suggested that those firms which are implementing ERP systems are less likely to report internal control weaknesses compared to non ERP implementing firms. However Kwasi & Salam (2004) noted that ERP implementation is very risky as it requires large amount of investments and significant organisational resources. World of ERPs In the world of ERPs there are also intense rivalries that can easily be seen; there are lots of key player in this industry that are indulge to advertise
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