Increase Magnesium Intake

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Have you ever experienced feeling so weak and sleep deprived at work? It is normal for anyone to feel the 3pm slump. Most of us have to live a busy life and we start our day busy to finish the task all throughout the day and just when our day was about to end, we might feel tired and lazy and it is not unusual.
We usually feel tired and sleepy during mid-afternoon. Commonly, this is the time of the day when our energy reserved for the whole of the day is almost drained out. However, we should not just let our body slouch in our desk once we feel exhausted.
Let’s check out some of the quick ways to boost energy effectively.
Increase Your Magnesium Intake
Magnesium is one of the most essential mineral needed by the body. This mineral helps
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This will ensure that your body gets enough minerals and vitamins needed by the body to function well. The recommended magnesium intake for a woman is 300 milligrams and 350 milligrams for men. Try eating foods reach in magnesium to reach the right level of magnesium in the body. Fish, almond, whole grains, hazelnuts, cashews and other nuts are some of the foods that are rich in magnesium.
Power Nap
Taking a quick nap can help you recharge and regain your energy. There are researches showing that pushing the brain to think too hard can cause energy zap. Taking a nap can make you regain energy and reverse the effect of information overload. Ten to thrity minutes of nap is enough to boost your energy and not to throw off your sleep at night.
Don't Skip Meals
Over and over again, we are reminded not to skip meals; however, not all of us are aware of the fallout of skipping meals . When you skip meals, you are messing up your body’s fueling method which means that you are not fueling your body with enough energy to perform well all throughout the day. Skipping meals can cause your blood-sugar level to dive and sugar is needed by the body to keep your body functions running. Without enough blood-sugar level, you will more likely to feel tired and unwell
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