Increase Taxes: Article Analysis

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Tax Policy Assignment – Alejandro Perez

The article “Increase Taxes? Talk by Donald Trump Alarms G.O.P.” by Alan Rappeport from August 31, 2015 in the NY Times raises many interesting points that have been heard from the Republican presidential candidate front-runner Donald Trump. Trump has been known to change his stances on tax policy from one interview to the next, such as in an interview with Fox News when he was in support of a flat tax added to America’s tax system, then soon after saying it would be unfair due to the rich paying the same as the poor (Rappeport, “Increase Taxes? Talk by Donald Trump Alarms G.O.P.”). This article, however, clearly states how Trump strongly feels that we need to increase taxes on hedge fund companies and
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His eventual stance of a graduation with the tax would be a good idea. Though we have a progressive tax policy currently in which people are taxed more based on how much they make, this seems to be untrue for the very top of the one percent of wealthy people. After a certain amount of wealth, tax rates seem to go down again which should not be the case given that they have the wealth to pay for them. The other policy that I agree with Trump on are getting large corporations headquarters back in the U.S., though his ideas of giving them tax breaks to bring them back seems counterintuitive. Bringing the headquarters back to the U.S. would increase tax revenue for the government and bring more jobs for U.S. citizens. Trump’s tax on hedge funds as ordinary income would also be a large increase in tax revenue for the government, but as Les Funtleyder, a portfolio manager at E Squared Asset Management, says in the article, “If his positions on raising taxes on their businesses [hedge funds] gain traction, some members of the financial industry will probably form a political action committee…” (Rappeport, “Increase Taxes? Talk by Donald Trump Alarms G.O.P.”). There is still plenty of time for Donald Trump’s tax policy ideas to take hold, and as G.O.P. front-runner, there is a very good chance of it once he adds
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