Increase The Funding For The Mentally Ill

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Increase the Funding for the Mentally Ill
Mental illness is not getting the proper attention it needs. The United States should provide more funding to the mentally ill, for research, and medical purposes. Over fifteen million people are diagnosed with a mental illness every year. Many of them have difficulties to afford the treatment they need. Some do not even know that they have a mental illness because they never had a reason or even the finances to get checked. A mental illness can be detected at a young age. One with a mental disorder can suffer from depression and suicide, by receiving support from family and friends can help prevent this. By providing test at public schools could help detect an illness at a young age and give them the proper treatment needed to overcome their illness. Many who have a mental illness are unemployed, and have financial issues. By not receiving the proper treatment can result in harm to themselves or even others. The government is not giving the proper amount of funds for research and treatment. Some take advantage of the system and are the cause of the amount being so low. Mental illness is not getting the appropriate funding it needs to provide proper care. By the age of fourteen a mental illness can be detected. A mental illness can vary from a condition that affects one’s mood, thinking, or behavior. These people have a higher risk of depression. “Major depressive disorder is the leading cause of disability among Americans aged…

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