Increase in Hazardous Material Spills

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Over the recent years, statistics developed by National Energy Board have shown that the overall incidents involving spills of substances such as crude oil, ethane, propane, natural gas, and much more have doubled in the past decade resulting in over 1000 incidents. Many incidents involving hazardous material spills that occur are a result of insufficient monitoring of operations that deal with hazmat extraction and transportation. NEB’s business leader for operations, Patrick Smythe, suggests that the increase in the numbers of major incidents is largely due to more diligent reporting, and that 99.9 % of the hazmat products are safely transported through the pipelines. Others such as Nathan Lemphers who is an associate with Pembina Institute argue that the 0.1% is important as the implications that these spills have on the environment, wildlife and humans is rather large. The oil industry that have been extracting and transporting hazardous material for years are facing many concerns as more incidents are catching the public’s attention causing them to deal with public scrutiny. Many incidents that have been reported are a result of poor risk management during extracting and hazmat transporting operations, causing minor to major incidents in which there are many casualties. Some incidents that are reported surround human error as a result of failure to risk compliance which causes hazardous material spills. Other incidents involve failure to inspect deteriorating and
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