Increase of Diversity in Law Enforcement: Impacts and Benefits to Society

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How can society benefit if diversity is increased inside law enforcement? Introduction Diversity is an important factor in the law enforcement agencies. It is important to mention here that police and law enforcement agencies depend on the assistance and the help from the public whereas without the support of the public, police and law enforcement agencies cannot function properly. Most importantly, it has been seen that various members from a number of ethnic minorities do not support the activities and the rules of law enforcement agencies. Here it can be added that within the law enforcement agencies, an increased diversity can help the society and community in a number of ways (Sklansky, 2006, p. 1210). Law enforcement agencies are more pronounced and function openly within the public based on which if law enforcement agencies are more diverse, it shows that the agencies believe in treating all minorities, races and ethnicities with equality. Secondly, with an increased diversity in the law enforcement agencies, the police workers and the law enforcement officers would be aware of the use of the sensitive remarks towards minorities, ethnicities, and races in the country within the official and public places. The importance of diversity cannot be ignored and the importance of diversity within the law enforcement agencies can also be understood within the community which is populated with a single race or ethnicity community. Changes in Diversity Dynamics in Law

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