Increase of Illegal Immigrants

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In the contemporary society, illegal immigration has been on the increase in the last few decades, and this increase has caused a lot of concern not only for State governments and organization, but also Federal administration. With increased insecurity and the threat of terrorism in the current world, it has made the immigration issue be of great concern to many. The effects and impacts of illegal immigrants to the natives have also prompted those in authority to address the issue with a lot of concern and caution. This has raised a mixed view between and among those affected. As a result, legislators and lobby groups have come up with policies, rules and regulations that try to address and control the societal problem. There are many…show more content…
ALIPAC also involves itself in public education programs highlighting the public about challenges that illegal immigration causes such as security threats and illegal alien crimes. The group has also worked closely with legislators involved in formulating laws that regulate and limit illegal immigrants. Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act touch on many issues affecting illegal immigration, and therefore, it has an abroad goal and objective that the policy intends to address. The purpose of the Act is to fix the dysfunctional immigration programs that over the years have not worked to reach and achieve desired results. The legislators had argued out that current immigration programs were not real-time to address issues touching on illegal immigrants, as it is in the current diverged society, with issues that are ever changing. Reinforcing border security is another target that the policy intends to address. It proposed and included addition of retired armed forces personnel and members of the reserve to be included in recruitment of law enforcement agencies by Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The act also had a goal of improving local or interior enforcement of immigration law so as to realize intended objectives of minimizing if not completely end illegal immigration in the US.
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