Increase of Unemployment in the United Kingdom

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A political issue that the United Kingdom is currently facing is the increase of unemployment which is positively helping the economy, as a result. The number of citizens not working in the UK decreased by 63,000 to 2.33 million in only three months to January 2014, according to official figures. (BBC) This is clearly a significant current event in UK at the moment because 7.2% of their population is without a job. The unemployment rate in Scotland fell to 6.9%, in Wales it was 6.7% while in Northern Ireland it was 7.5%. (BBC) Interestingly, I found that the Prime Minister David Cameron tweeted: "Another significant fall in unemployment is a sign our long-term economic plan is working, providing security and chances for hard-working people."(BBC) In other words, the rising rate of unemployment is not necessarily a clear indicator of a shattered economy. A large portion of the “unemployed” are self-employed businessmen or entrepreneurs working on their own ventures and have found new ways of producing a steady income within the British economy. Ultimately, the economic history and politics of this nation have been originated by Parliament and are the primary cause for the rapid growth in the business market right now. The United Kingdom was founded in 1707. This is a region which is united from three nations. These nations are England, Wales, and Scotland. By the nineteenth century, there was speedy economic change that heightened and secured
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