Increase of Women Population in Prison Essay

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Women in Prison
The growing rate of women in prison has spawned widespread awareness in our society; leading people to question why the percentage multiplied exponentially over the past three decades. In the past, female offenders have not only been compared to their male counterparts, but to society’s view on the role of women; the roles that labeled them as housewives and mothers. But how did these housewives and mothers go from the home to the prisons? The subject of women’s issues has sporadically been discussed in our society, and it has just recently being uncovered that women operate differently than men in situations; and those differences are now starting to effect the growth rate in the population of women in
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It was a time when, according to Hagan’s theory, sons were more likely to be deviant because they were not as restricted as their sisters. The sons were allowed to stay out late, hang out with friends, and when their misdemeanors were fixed with the simple saying of “boys will be boys”. With males having more freedom to commit delinquent acts, there was doubt that the men were the majority of the population of prisons. As time passed and women began to embrace their liberations, more and more of them began working outside the home. This sudden rise of women in the workplace led to the shift in families. The number of egalitarian families in this nation began to increase, and with that women held more equal weight in household decisions with their husbands. A shift in the deviance of the children began to occur as well. Criminology theorists Matza and Sykes (1957) believe that anyone can be freed up to be delinquent and under this egalitarian household both boys and girls shared equal chances of doing just that, since there was starting to be a lack of supervision. When the parents did come home from work the women would bring the equal opportunity mentality with them so daughters were not being as restricted as they were before.

The rise in the population of women in prison “The imprisonment boom that began in the late 1970s has swelled the state and federal prison system to more than 1.4 million prisoners. Adding those
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