Increased Population of Prisons Essay

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Overcrowded prisons and improper punishment systems are enormous social issues for our government. The United States has seen steady growth in its prisons. A projected increment in seen due to “get-tough” policies that locks up offenders for longer sentences (Ohlemacher, 2007, para. 1). The correction system had been through various phases of transformation, and the government had been tough on crime; this approach had resulted in rising prison populations. There are many factors that cause overcrowding prisons in the United States. As a result, prisoners, physically and mentally, suffer the negative effects of it, and growing prison punishments that led to congested prisons and jails have shown that tax payers, as well as the government,…show more content…
I believe that rehabilitation, not imprisonment, is the key to reduce the crime rate. Rehabilitation is the initiative of healing criminal of his or her criminal inclinations. It tries to change their outlook, their habits, and possibly even personality, to forgo their tendencies to commit crimes in the future. The country has a responsibility to help those who fall short of the standards of behaviour government has set, is the rehabilitative ideal. The offenders are usually folks with the greatest social disadvantages that have forced them to a life of crime in the first place. If the policies ignore these realities, it will foster hardships that will descend disproportionately and primarily on the already disadvantaged, and intensify the anger that many prisoners find difficult to restrain upon their release back into such a society, which will lead to re-offend by these prisoners. The fundamental idea is to prevent a person from committing the crime again by removing the needs to offend. This methodology is remarkably different from the idea of ‘deterrence’, which is the idea of making criminal frightened to offend, though he may yet wish to, and the idea of ‘incapacitation’, which isolates the criminal and eradicating his physical power to offend, though he may still desires to.
Prison punishments are not always the answer. A prisoner’s life can be simply depicted and directly related to the
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