Increased Staff Workload For Nurses

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The workload is the amount of work to be done by a particular person, especially in a specified period (Carayon, 2015). For example, the amount of work done by a nurse in a single shift. Massive amounts of workloads result in stress to the employee (Nilsson & Furåker, 2012). Heavy workload for nurses is a major concern to many hospitals and care facilities (Fisher, 2014). Nurses are thereby experiencing heavy workloads as a result of inadequate nurses in the industry, increased overtime and decreased hiring, growing demand for nurses and reduced inpatient length of stay in hospitals (Harold, 2017). This reduction implies that it is only those patients that are in critical conditions are left in the hospital suggesting that they demand more attention and hence more work for the employed nurses (Carayon, 2015).…show more content…
To be able to achieve this goal, the nurses need to be motivated and satisfied with their jobs. In this paper IDEALS method of problem-solving will be used to solve the issue of increased staff workload (Fisher, 2014). The case of this paper is related to a community health facility that is faced by crises of unhappy staff due to increased work load. There are several complaint and comparing noted by the manager. For instance, one of the nurses complains that when she is placed in the second team she has to do more work while another nurse remarks that she is always assigned to team two. This is a problem that has been facing the health facility for a long time since the previous nursing unit manager resigned due to frustration. Through this paper, this problem will be analyzed and recommendations to solving it shall be
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