Increased Trends in the Use of Mid Level Providers

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Increased Trends in the use of Mid Level Providers Introduction Over the last several years, the majority of graduating medical students (90%) has been focused on careers in specialized care. (Pickert, 2009) This is because they will make more money in comparison with doctors that are working in a primary care environment. As a result, a shortage has developed with many health care providers turning to Nurse Practitioners. These are nurses with some kind of advanced degree in Nursing. Their job is to diagnose / treat patients and prescribe medication. To fully understand what is happening requires looking at how this trend is having an impact on accountability, quality, costs / health promotion and risk reduction. These different…show more content…
When there are Nurse Practitioners that are filling in for doctors, this can improve quality. The way that this takes place is to have these individuals work with select amounts of patients. This creates smaller teams and more personalized attention in providing these services. This is when mistakes will decrease with health care professionals doing more for everyone. Once this happens, is when the underlying quality of care will rise. (“Scope of Practice,” 2010) Cost / Impact of Health Promotion Like what was stated previously, the cost of having Nurse Practitioners in place of doctors is lower. This is because their salaries are much less and the cost structure is lower. Evidence of this can be seen with Medicare and Medicaid. These government sponsored programs will pay for 85% of these services in comparison with doctors. This is important, because it is showing how the lower cost structure is one reason why Nurse Practitioners are playing a major role inside a health care environment. (Pickert, 2009) The way that this can have an impact on health promotion efforts is by having Nurse Practitioners educating patients about certain issues (i.e. obesity of diabetes). What is happening is most individuals will learn about their health and how to deal with a host of conditions from their primary care provider. This is because the majority of insurance companies will restrict the patient’s access to specialists (based on a referral from their

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