Increased Violence of Video Games Players Essay

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Thousands of people have died at the wrath of my gun. I have blown up cars with a stolen jet. I have even massacred hordes of zombies. Then, the video game is switched off and life resumes as normal. I have never felt compelled to re-enact any of these situations in real life after playing. This is also common place for millions of other video game players all around the world. Yet, still the media continue to demonise video games and use it as an excuse for the man made tragedies that happen. People have to start realising the hysteria the media generates by using video games as a scapegoat is a ploy to sell their product, nothing else. If people stopped buying into these false claims and hence fueling them, then they will find something …show more content…

For a few brief hours, you are free of your troubles and you become the puppeteer. You are all alone, but at the same time you are surrounded. You get control over it, and yet can become so lost that you are immersed in the journey of imagination.
Since the release of the Playstation One in 1995, violent crimes have plummeted to less than half their original level. Like wise, teenagers aged between 14 and 17 committing murders decreased substantially after 1995 as well. The arrival of the Playstation One heralded a number of violent video games to accompass it so why did the numbers drop instead of increase as logic may suggest? The media leads us to believe that violent games are a major factor in violent acts but in reality, they aren't. The criminals who commit these treacherous crimes either have a mental illness or they are susceptible to violence and would commit the crimes regardless. Technology cannot be held responsible for human abberance over the centuries.
Human violence has diminished substantially over the centuries but it has always been a huge part of life since man roamed the earth. Back during the Roman Empire gladiators used to fight each other to the death for the crowds entertainment, violence has always been part of us. Surely killing a mindless arrangement of pixels made to look and act like a human is infinitely better than a living human. When one gladiator had the chance to kill the another, he looked at the crowd for what to do

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