Increasing Capacity While Maintaining Quality

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 Increasing capacity while maintaining quality Shouldice wanted to find a way to increase the hospitals capacity while maintaining the same quality of service. One of the ways they can work toward this goal it by continuous improvement. Continuous improvement is “the philosophy that seeks make never-ending improvements to the process of converting inputs into outputs” (Stevenson, 2012, p.385). There are many examples of continuous improvement given throughout the study. One of these examples is explained on Page 7. Dr. Obney stated “where possible, former Shouldice patients suffering recurrences were assigned to the doctor who performed the first operation”. (Heskett, 2003) This process would enable the doctor to learn from his mistake. Another example of improvement is the questionnaire shown on pages 16-17. These questionnaires were passed out at the annual reunion for former patients to complete. This gave Shouldice and his staff insight on what was the most important service offered. Effective capacity and design capacity are another concept used by Shouldice. . Design capacity is the maxium designed service capacity or output rate.”(Stevens, 2012 P. 188) One example shown in the study of design capacity is found on page 2 when “Shouldice extended his facilities by buying a rambling 130 acre estate with a 17,00 square foot main house” (Stevenson, 2012) This increase allowed Shouldice to grow from 36 beds to 89 beds “Effective capacity is the design

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