Increasing Organization Capacity

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IncreasIng OrganIzatIOn capacIty IntrOductIOn
Course outline
• This course provides an overview of the strategies and tools necessary for the development of effective, long‐lasting organizational capacity in project management. Topics covered include project management skill development, related skills, and organizational arrangements for effective project management, organizational learning, project management communities of practice, effective processes and tools for project management, and building the business case for project management initiatives.

Module Flow
• PMBoK • Tools • Change Management • Delivery Method • Assignments • Exam

Increasing Capacity

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What Is a Project?
1. There are two types of work
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• They will be able to meet with all parties and release drawings, details and estimates for the work programme.
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Increasing Capacity

Progress Checks Meetings
• P/M will keep records [minutes] of all meetings • Small projects – require even more care with record keeping. • Mail – electronic and letter, filed and be available for review.

• ALL PROJECTS MUST END • A handover meeting or other arrangement MUST be done to ensure that everything is completed to the satisfaction of all parties

Understanding Project Management Basics
• Although it might overlap with other types of management, project management is a specific management process.

What Is Project Management?
• Project management is the coordinating effort to fulfill the goals of the project. • The project manager, as the leader of the project team, is responsible for this effort and its ultimate result.

Project Management Practices
• • • • • • • • Scope Human resources Quality Time Procurement Risk Cost Communications
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Increasing Capacity

Understanding Project Management Processes
1. Initiating and planning the project 2. Executing the project 3. Controlling the project 4. Closing the project

Programme Management
• Programmes combine projects and deliver benefits

Increasing Capacity

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The Value Path
• Projects create deliverables. • Programmes combine
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