Increasing Poverty Among African Americans

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In his discussion on poverty among African Americans, William Wilson has identified several historical factors that have contributed to the increase in poverty levels in the recent years. Such factors included, first, shift in the American economy from industrial to informational economy, thus limited the labor poll to only highly specialized individuals; second, the historical flow of migrants, and what it bring with it from competition over limited amount of resources; third, change in the urban minority age structure, where individuals who are underage are the majority in both Hispanic and African American poor communities, Fourth, population change in the inner city; and finally, the class transformation of inner city, where middle class African Americans, have left the inner city and moved towards other middle class neighborhoods, thus, leaving behind a concentration of poor and underclass African Americans in inner cities all across the United States. Wilson argued that the most important reason that helped in maintaining and increasing poverty among inner city African Americans is middle class flees from the poor neighborhoods. Thus, first, limiting social capital, in the form of strong and weak ties, for the poor and underclass youth population. Second, the middle class flee triggered with it the flee of business, investments, economic development, functional health and school systems; thus adding to the structural inequality which was already present in the African
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