Essay on Increasing Security at The Mexican American Border

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Nowhere else in the world does an invisible line draw such a disparity in wealth and lifestyle. Our border with Mexico divides one of the West's richest countries with a struggling third world economy. The nature of the border presents many unique issues; Mexican refuges looking for a better life here in America, Mexican drug lords exporting drugs to drug savvy America, American jobs going overseas for cheaper labor, as well as the integrating of our two cultures. Mexican immigration is a liability in our country, for reasons that I will state. Yet despite its threat to the American way of life and economy, many powerful elites believe in amnesty because: it drives down labor costs (but they forget to mention workers wages as well),…show more content…
Some work under the law and are eventually given a green card, others work under the table. Legal immigrants or immigrants who are granted citizenship often times set up networks for their family members and friends from Mexico, helping them enter American and find jobs.

There are many problems with illegal immigration. First of all, if any job seeking Mexican can sneak into our country and eventually be granted amnesty (as has been the case for the last 10 years), so can a terrorist. A huge security threat is created by our lax border enforcement and immigration laws. Secondly, despite our gracious immigration policies, there is still a line of people waiting to get into this country legally. When our lawmakers continually grant amnesty and spend American tax dollars on illegal immigrants, people waiting legally in line are harmed. Yet illegal immigration has caused, and our passiveness has let, border jumpers to cut in line. Lastly, while filling labor jobs and actively participating in our economy, illegal immigrants cost the United States government many billions of dollars a year in concrete costs. Between food assistance programs, Medicaid, welfare, our prison and court systems, and other social services they cost our government a lot of money, while only replacing a small percentage based on limited taxation. In border regions, hospitals have become near bankrupt due to rising costs of
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