Increasing Taxes In America

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According to Ron Paul, “one thing is clear: The Founding Fathers never intended a nation. Where citizens would pay nearly half of everything they earn to the government.” Could you risk the down fall on not only hurting others, but yourself as well. Not being able to handle the people complaints their sacrifice and the hurt of their family, but also their job pay rate and not being able sleep at night. On the debating of increasing taxes, it would not go as well a lot people will have bumping roads to go through. Many people and business would be going through a lot of stress about what is going to happen today or tomorrow. “… But in this word nothing can be said to be certain except death and taxes” (Franklin1). Corporate tax rate…show more content…
The struggle of many would be tough, and the rate of homeless may even go up. For an example, I personally have been hurt by taxes. I have went to the bank looked at the large amount on my check, but I received less. Would you want to see people lying on the ground late nights and mornings through bad weather? It could be your family hurt or even you. Newman states, “Rich or poor and all do right, for nobody owes public duty to pay more than the laws demand” (1). Visualize how the world would be then. People would then start war between one another. Taking other people things would be so powerful. No one would understand the world we would live in. Killing would then be a big prohibit, think about the elders some cannot receive their income. They would not have any help paying hospital bills, or cannot get their treatments. By any means, this shows no matter which you are taxes could hurt you. Income taxes would be lower for people, and it would not be as high it is today. When taxes hurt people, it that means it is hurting you too. On the other hand, hurting the country is another way taxes could hurt. Taxes hurt the country by increasing the interest rate. The country will be falling, and the states will feel as they are in war. Pologeogis says “to avoid taxation in more than one location or country, businesses do careful tax planning that takes into consideration no country taxation”(1). Countries would not be able to get as much done and paid for, prices would go up and people would be able to get as much. The country will then have to focus on whether the high should be taxed a higher or low rate then they are today. Also the argument of high rates is that income inequality would be at extremely high levels and by then the government will be focus on redistribution. In many words Helvering stated , “anyone may so arrange his affairs that his taxes shall be as low as
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