Increasing The Span Of Control And Increase The Daily Focus For The Regional Management Teams

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I need to reduced the span of control and increase the daily focus for the regional management teams. Currently, the span of control is around 30 branches per regional manager, and the high number of branches are reducing the coaching and developmental time the region managers can spend with their people. The future success of the company relies on our ability to develop our field managers skill-sets. With the current alignment, it is impossible to spend the quality time necessary to enhance the field managers abilities to execute. By reducing the span of control and increasing the number of regional managers are abilities to impact change and growth at the field level will be enhanced through-out the company. 2. The How: First and…show more content…
Who do you need on board: Clearly the region managers, plus I will need the president on board as well. My plan includes doubling the headcount/labor, so the president’s sign-off is critical. Who are they connected to: They only report to me, so outside influences are non-existed. Decentralized organization. a. AWARENESS: What do you need to be aware of in order to make your proposed change a success? (Provide specifics, not general statements.) First, My data surrounding the ROI on this program change needs to be solid. My modeling is projecting that the increased in labor would be offset by the increase in revenue/profit. The IRR projected is 32%. Secondly, and most important, is the mental impact on the region managers. More than a few will see this as a demotion and I will need a well thought-out plan to communicate the change. What is your plan for becoming more aware? What strategies will you use to grasp the current situation in your organization? Be specific. I will meet with several senior leaders to vet all possible scenarios and outcomes. With our structure, I’m limited in vetting this change, however, I feel the leaders I have chosen will lead me in the right direction. The interest stage is where you share information. You need to educate, encourage, persuade and sell. Overall this is where you help
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