Increasing Tuition Costs For College

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Increasing Tuition Costs
College degrees are becoming ever more a standard in my industries, just to get into the door with certain companies. Even when degrees might not be required to get a decent job, marketing can take over and make you think that you need to get a college degree or you won’t land that dream job. Brill states that on the average, we are continually reminded, the earnings of college graduates are substantially higher than those who have obtained no more than a high school diploma. Almost everyone nowadays is feeling the pressure of keeping up. An unprecedented percentage of high school students (67.5%) are attending college at a great financial sacrifice to themselves and their families (1999). Brill also goes on to
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The need to make tuition is greater than ever, but it is currently not becoming easier, it is quite the opposite with tuitions rates on the rise and government funding being cut to make matters worse, which leads to higher learning institutions towards privatizing. This is leading towards tuition rates climbing at even higher rates.
Most states are included in this funding cut on higher education in Colorado having some of the biggest cuts. According to Mortensen, Colorado has reduced its support for higher education by nearly 69.4 percent, from $10.52 in fiscal 1980 (and a peak of $13.85 in fiscal 1971) to $3.22 by fiscal 2011. At this rate of decline Colorado appropriations will reach zero in 2022, 11 years from now. Projections using more recent data find that Colorado could hit zero as soon as 2019 (2012). At the rate Colorado is cutting funding to higher education, we could see zero funding in as little as three years. Colorado’s colleges could become fully funded by private sources very quickly which will drive tuition rates well beyond inflation. The impact this will have is that less students will be able to afford to attend college in Colorado which will bring in less money to the state and weaken the workforce even greater since there will be
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