Increasing the Approval Ratings for President Obama

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"What Should I do To Increase My Approval Rating?" Introduction When my iPhone said "The White House" I thought it was the local restaurant I had made reservations over the weekend for my parent's anniversary. There was a very stern voice that said "President Obama needs your opinion on the current approval ratings, please hold for the President of the United States of America"¦and we thank you for your service"¦" Wow! President Obama wanted advice on how to improve his approval rating. I laid out my three point plan I have long been advocating throughout the debates (I have had with my family and friends). Three Point Plan to Increase Approval Ratings The most critical area of President Obama's approval rating has to do with the economy. To get America back to work as quickly as possible I proposed he immediately create new venture economic opportunity zones throughout the U.S., concentrating on those areas hardest hit by the recession. I'd focus specifically on Ohio, which has lost hundreds of thousands of jobs. My plan would be to roll out entrepreneurial assistance to new ventures with a solid business plan, and also a strong management team. Creating and fostering entrepreneurialism is critical for the overall successful functioning of a complex economy such as the U.S. (Trimi, Berbegal-Mirabent, 463). I would tell him that he also needs to become known as the Entrepreneurial Candidate, concentrating on small business and immediately removing the many barriers

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