Essay on Increasing the Minimum Driving Age

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“I am superman; I am invincible”, is what one young man thought of himself on August 30, 2009. He left a friend’s house with a young woman in the car with him; it was a dark night and he was feeling good about himself. He thought he would try to impress the young girl and went way too fast. As he topped the hill, he ran off the road, over-corrected, and lost control of his vehicle. The accident claimed both their lives. Numerous car accidents involve young teenage drivers. Raising the minimum driving age to 16 would greatly reduce the number of automobile accidents involving teen drivers because they lack experience on the road, they lack maturity, and they would have less accidents resulting in safer roads. Just like the teenage boy…show more content…
As said by Jennifer Brooks of the Tennessean, Jeremy Lyon owner of Brentwood Driver Training stated that, “We can tell a difference in how they act in the class. It’s all about maturity; the older they are the less goofy they are”. Inexperienced drivers are far more likely to get into a wreck than someone who is experienced. Any recently released teens are going to lack experience, therefore they will be dangerous until they get some practice under them (“Don’t”). As kids get older they need to gain responsibilities at some point, so by letting them drive by age 16 makes sense even though we know the obvious hazards (“Don’t”). Driving at night is also a huge risk for teen drivers, particularly those that are inexperienced. According to Allan F. Williams, only about 20% of teen driving mileage is accumulated between 9p.m.-6a.m., but a large amount of their fatal crashes occur during those hours of the night. In 2008, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, car wrecks were the leading cause of death among teens in Arlington, VA resulting in 4,054 deaths, stated Shari Roan of the Los Angeles Times. The older and more experienced the driver is, the less likely they are to have an accident thus resulting in safer roads. Robert Holt-Brady from Williamson County started driving at the age of 15, rather than 16; by the time he turned 16 he had already been involved in his first wreck. Says if he had it to do over again he would’ve waited until he was
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