Increasing the Minimum Wage Will Reduce Income Inequality Essay

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"No person can maximize the American Dream on the minimum wage."
-- Benjamin Todd Jealous

"No family gets rich from earning the minimum wage. In fact, the current minimum wage does not even lift a family out of poverty."
-- Jon Corzine

Income inequality has been a major problem facing American society for decades, but has recently become a major concern. I personally believe the major gap between the income of the rich and poor is a not just, but is not a major concern for the government and society. If the Federal Government addresses other major concerns facing American citizens the inequality will be adjusted due to other changes. The government needs to step in and adjust minimum wage and public education. If the government
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Not only is minimum wage a major social issue that needs to be addressed in order to help appease income inequality, but also education is a huge social concern. The reason this is such a concern is because families living in low income housing neighborhoods attend low income schools and are unable to rise above, because their schools do not have the same quality funding as high income neighborhood schools or private ones. The low income schools do not have proper funding and put the students at an immediate disadvantage compared to high income neighborhood schools and private schools. I personally believe if the Federal Government supplies public schools with more than just 15% of their budget, students would not be at such a disadvantage and have a greater chance to be motivated to attend college and hopefully obtain a degree to earn a high wage job. In my education classes the teachers place a huge emphasis on making sure students are getting full educations. Meaning students start in kindergarten or a pre-kindergarten program and finish high school in order to benefit society and not bring society down. The fact is the earnings of high school graduates have grown “more rapidly, so that the gap between dropout and graduate earnings expanded over time,” even if they do not attend college it is so important for students to graduate from high school so the inequality does not increase even more (Becker 1). Additionally, if

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