Increasing the Use of Bicycles

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The use of bicycles as transportation has been done since it was introduced in Europe around the 19th century and is very popular at the time as a replacement for horse as transport. After the invention of motor vehicles such as cars and motorcycles, many are turning to use motor vehicles in because of the ease and speed as well as comfort that obtained when using a bicycle with a supportive infrastructure. But then the problems arising from the use of motor vehicles, such as congestion, pollution and other environmental problems.
At this time the bike in Europe is still the preferred alternative to travel, this is due to the bike using a more efficient and faster to travel within the city . In the Netherlands , bicycles are common and popular as a means of transportation and recreation with provision bicycle infrastructure all around the city in the Netherlands . This is because cycling has become a culture and customs of the society looks statistical level of bicycle use on average by 35% and 40% in some cities and lows between 10% - 20% (fietsbraad, 2009). A number of cities in the world has also been implementing a program with the bicycle as an alternative option in the drive to help reduce congestion and pollution as it occurs at this time.
Groningen city is one example of cities in the world that introduced bicycle as one of the main transportation, so it is known as the city bike and was ranked among the top in the Dutch city bikes with other…
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