Incredible Scientifical Advancments in the Movie Gattaca

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In the movies, Gattaca, director Andrew Niccol portrays a genetically based society in a scientifically advance world that twirls around the main idea and concept about genetic engineering to produce flawless genetics for a parent’s child. This main focus is shown upon Anton and his brother Vincent. Vincent, being the first born between Anton and him, gave the doctors an idea of what is going to happen in the future for Vincent based off of genetics and also gives parents the opportunity to make a flawless child base off of Vincent’s DNA as this society wants only genetically perfect humans to be superior. Children such as Vincent, being the first born, are set up for a life of disaster and of no use in their life other than for the lowest of all jobs this society has for first born. Even though Vincent is the first born, and in this civilization your resume “is in your cells”, Vincent’s identity can be reported after any DNA testing. Vincent’s desire is to go out into space along with the superior humans, but in order to do this he must get bypass all test to save his identity for exposure in order to achieve his dream causing him to go to great lengths. Vincent does this all based off of motivation. Vincent does achieve his goal and goes to space after all his determination even though his identity was a hair from detection; Vincent keeps on going and wasn’t going to stop until he was caught. This goes to prove that even though non-genetically altered humans still have

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