Indecision In The Night Train At Deoli By Rabindranath Tagore

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Indecision is a major term in Psychology. In literary discourse it is exhibited in a variety of ways. It is a major organizing principle in many short stories. Particularly, Rabindranath Tagore’s The Postmaster and Ruskin Bond’s The Night Train at Deoli this device is common. In both the short stories the protagonists fall in love with helpless, poor girls. They pity them and exhibit strong desire to take them along with them and thus rescue them out of the abject poverty. However, as a dramatic twist, both Tagore and Ruskin Bond make there protagonists quit the girls to their lot and go to their destinations for good and thereby underline the perpetual human dilemma in terms of illusion verses reality. Cathartic end of the stories shed more…show more content…
The protagonist used to travel from Delhi to Dehra Doon, his grandmother’s place, during the summer vacation. During one such journey he happened to meet a young poor basket selling girls on the platform of Deoli where the train stopped for full ten minutes. He was so fascinated by the girl that he found himself buying a basket and paid her one rupee. After two months during his return journey they revived their old association and the young boy held her hand promised he would come back and meet her. The beauty and memory of the beautiful girl disturbed him all that year and with great hurry he left for Dehra and as the train stopped he stepped out of the train and searched for the girl on the platform, but to his dismay she was not there. Desperately, he tried to find out her whereabouts. The new station master did not know anything about her and the tea vendor could remember her but failed totell anything about her. As the train moved he jumped in and left the station. His dream of meeting her and taking her with him to Delhi remain…show more content…
This is why in the earlier part of the story when the train stops at Deoli and the writer notes that no passenger gets in or gets off the train and there was no movement on the platform and it created the impression that Deoli was not a very big city and despite all this he felt great attraction and curiosity about the town that existed beyond the station walls. Out of sympathy for the people who live there cut off from the rest of the world, he determines that one day he would break his journey and spend a whole day amidst the simple people of Deoli. But after some time the bell rang, the whistle blew and the train moved out of the station and his plan remained unfulfilled. This is the first precursor of indecision and later it figures up as an integral part of the narrative. This indecision on the part of the writer is reinforced in the later part of the narrative when the writer met a very beautiful basket seller and made up his mind to take heralong with him and probably marry her. In next April, he alightedfrom the train at Deoli and did not find the girl there. The dream was never translated into reality. The first reason for his indecision is his physical attraction towards the girl and after reaching Dehra his memory became blurred and

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