Indecision In The Scarlet Letter By Sodium Thiosing

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From choosing this Scarlet Letter, how I design the letter, to what pizza toppings I would like, or what movie should I watch, I have trouble deciding what to do. Indecision is a large, and a unfavorable part of my life, that makes it difficult to finalize a decision on a test, or even shower before, or after homework. Deciding is hard for me because it feels irreversible, and I cannot do anything about it after I chose one way or the other. In previous essays, I’ve written about the importance of choice, and how life is made of choices. This idea scares me, even though I see it as true. Since this idea frightens me, I think of the future effects, which creates more pressure on the little decisions I make day to day. Although this is not a major flaw, it greatly affects my life by producing more anxiety, stress, and strain with all aspects of my life. What events I practice, if I will go on a long distance run, or practice starting in blocks, I cannot choose in solitary. To help me chose, coaches will tell me to run or jump or sprint. If they let me choose, my normal response is “ I don’t care” “ It doesn't matter to me” or “ Whichever is fine with me”. I detest it when people leave an option open for me to decide, because I am normally in the mindset where one answer is right, and the other is wrong. I rather would choose not…show more content…
This decision will decide where I go in life, and what paths I will take. So far I know that I want to go into a medical field, but I am not sure in what aspect. I have narrowed it down some, and know I don’t want to be a Family Practitioner or anything of the sort. I would rather be someone behind the scenes, and not have to deal with people as often as doctors. I cannot choose yet, but hopefully I can in the future, preferably sooner the
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