Essay about Indecisiveness in Hamlet

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Shakespeare's Hamlet is truly a great play to analyze. It is also unique in that a play based on revenge we don't see any action until the end. Hamlet has immediate suspicion and proof of his fathers murder and does not act. This poses the question, why does it take so long for Hamlet to kill Claudius? Hamlet's apparent indecisiveness to act is due to his constant habit of over thinking in addition to several conscious and subconscious distractions. Immediately following Hamlet's conversation with the Ghost, he is determined to fulfill the Ghost's wishes. However, the next time he appears in the play, which is long after the Ghost's visit, he has not yet done the deed. He is plagued by questions of death and the supernatural. What…show more content…
If he does this he will be no better than Claudius. Maybe a part of him wants Claudius there in order to keep him away from his mother. "we know that Hamlet longs to show her affection; to comfort her and to be comforted by her" (Mabillard). The only time when Hamlet does not hesitate to carry out his moral duty is when he is in the bedroom with Gertrude. Hamlet stabs Polonius instinctively because he is where he truly desires to be, with his mother. This is the only time when Hamlet actually has the courage to try to kill Claudius, thus opening the path to Gertrude. Hamlet thinks he understands how action should be taken. He considers factors such as rationality, spirituality, emotion, ethics, and so on in his actions. These constant considerations of ideas just added to his problem of over thinking and questing himself. "He is particularly drawn to difficult questions or questions that cannot be answered with any certainty" (Phillips). Sometimes it seems that he doesn't believe any action can be taken in a controlled manner. If he takes a bold and decisive action, like Claudius did in killing the King and marrying Gertrude, it will yield results but he will be plagued by guilt. If he resolves himself to revenge and remains completely focused, like Laertes, he will be easily manipulated. These characters show the complexity of action Hamlet considers. When Hamlet does act it is a blind explosion of emotion and violence. Another source of
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