Indemnity And Compensation

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'Indemnity' and 'Compensation'
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The objective of this article is to describe the indemnity and compensation and types of compensation models.

Compensation in clinical trials can mean two distinct things:
• When participants receive monetary or other benefits for their participation in the clinical trial
• If participants receive a payment or other services when they suffer any harm from a clinical trial.
Compensation is more common in Phase I trials with healthy volunteers, and is usually paid to participants in recognition of their time sacrifice and as appreciation of their contribution for science1.

Compensation for participation:
Whether or not compensation is paid to participants depends on the sponsor and the given study. Many clinical research organisations (CROs) even advertise participation in clinical studies as it offers a (limited) possibility to earn money. This practice is particularly common in the
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The compensation guidelines for research-related injuries is already underway, with the government being committed to bringing about the much-needed change in the clinical research industry and its functioning. It would be helpful if it is not limited to guidelines and becomes a law to ensure compliance by the parties concerned. It would also help to have written guidance regarding compensation for trial participation as well. Also, certain innovative ways of offering health benefits to research participants and motivating them for participation rather than simply offering monetary benefits may also be evolved; however, it would be like lending a different perspective to the same issue. The intent behind the compensation is more important than the means. The dictum of “do no harm” that guide a clinical researcher should not be overridden by the forces of
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