Independence And The City Of Independence

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The local issue as described in the first Milestone submission is water quality. Independence is a rural area in southeast Kansas. With a population of 9,453 residents being reported in last year’s census reports of the town of Independence, you can imagine that it is a relatively small community when compared to even your hometown. This population total is significantly lower this year with the closing of the local hospital in December of last year, with a community lacking the basic necessity of an emergency room and medical testing facility, many residents have decided to make a change and move to a more stable area. With the closing of the hospital the city of Independence has decided to spend $3.5 million to renovate the vacant facility into a new city offices location, in an attempt to modernize the township and combine all of the city’s services into a central location. This decision was made by our local representatives because they felt this was the best way to spend the tax payer’s money, the irony of the situation is that the hospital needed $3.5 million to renovate the facility for themselves in order to pass the states medical inspection and remain open to the public. Now some of you are wondering what any of the last paragraph has to do with the poor water quality in my area. The purpose of that information is to give you an insight on how the politics in this city work, this will help you better understand why the issue what it is and why changes will never
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