Independence Center Reflection Paper

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On Wednesday, December 6th, 2017, I attended a presentation and tour at the Independence Center of Colorado Springs. During the presentation, I had the opportunity to hear about all of the different services that the Independence Center offers as well as the collaboration that the Independence Center does around the community. Jaime Harrell, the independent living program manager, explained the history of the Independence Center, the different services that are offered, and the Independence Center’s philosophy. The Independence Center offers services for anyone who self-identifies as having a disability without the need for any documentation. Fifty percent of the staff at the Independence Center is required to have a disability, which makes the center a safe and comforting environment for individuals with disabilities who come in needing services. Funding for the Independence Center comes from state and federal dollars, which currently serves about three hundred individuals free of charge. To take a closer look at the Independence Center, I will focus on how the center provides assistance for individuals who are transitioning into the workforce as well as how they foster independence. Included alongside these details will be many of the services that are offered. To assist students who are transitioning into the workforce, the Independence Center offers employment classes. These classes prepare individuals who have never worked before or who have not worked in a
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