Independence Day Or The Fourth Of September

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Independence day or the fourth of July is the one of the greatest holidays celebrated here in the United States. Just like each of us has our own favorite holidays, Independence’s day might be considered to be a favorite holiday for some of us in the country. The reason that we love holidays so much is that we get to celebrate them while we spend a good time with our family and friends at the same time. Holiday seasons are time of gatherings of each of our families and friends from all over the places, building special family memories by giving out presents, sharing our cultures, and spending time going adventures. However, I believe that the most essential and the most influential reason that we love holidays is that we get to save our money on products that we wanted to buy it for a long period of a time. In each year, we cannot forget the holiday’s sales and that is another reason that many of us love holiday seasons. Consumers seeking for the saving money during the holiday seasons and small businesses are seeking for boosting their sales and profits during holiday seasons. Fourth of July is the day of celebration and also it’s a big business shopping year before a Thanksgiving where independent businesses such as retailors and other small businesses tries to increase their sales. I am going to briefly compare the Fourth of July with other holidays to give an idea how the Fourth of July is different among the others. Unlike a Halloween, when time when most
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