Independence, Freedom, And Belief

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Independence, freedom, and belief are all common rights of a human being. All are expressed every day, wherever one goes, however, while they are similar, they aren’t always exactly the same. Independence is the right to be oneself, and create one’s own decisions and not live by others standards while freedom, on the other hand, is the right to do anything that others can do without someone worrying about a person or controlling one’s every move, and belief can mainly be associated with religion, race, or personal thoughts. Some of these things may not be completely given to someone right away as one must earn the right to do things as they grow. Some things that deal with the freedom one may earn can include the ability for a child to leave the house on their own, a curfew growing larger, or a teenager finally getting their license and a car, some things that may deal with Independence may include choosing a college, voting, or moving out of a parent’s home, and as stated above, belief can mainly be associated with religion, race, or personal thoughts. There are many examples for Independence and Freedom in life that can be given. Many examples may also be given in my life, and almost every example has taken a positive toll on my life. One early example of freedom is a child finally gaining the right to leave the cul-de-sac or the immediate area of their house to explore the rest of the neighborhood for the first time. Every child is curious and full of the will to…
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