Independent Care Paper

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Independent Care Paper CJHS/420 Rebecca Howell Independent Care Paper Case management is not a lifetime service. With the lack of funds available for all the clients in need of service often times termination of service is the only option. In this paper we will examine the process a case manager goes through when termination of services occurs. We will also discuss how independent care will help in continued client growth. Termination of services provided by case management can occur for a large variety of reasons. The main goal of a case manager is to provide the client with all the resources available to meet the client’s needs. By the end of the action plan the client should be prepared and skilled enough to continue without…show more content…
Other less desirable outcomes can include termination due to client noncompliance. Once the client’s needs have been established and the resources have been located the case manager must constantly review the progress of the client and determine if continuing case management service is needed. Terminating the relationship is never an easy process; the case manager must carefully create a termination process depending on the client’s level of dependence in him or her. If a client is heavily dependent on the support of the case manager, the need for a gradual decrease in the amount of contact with the client may need to occur before termination. When planning a termination strategy the case manager determine if the client will lose access to the services and resources once the relationship is terminated. While this may not always be the case often times case management services provided through community based waiver programs will be terminated. So when planning this type of termination the case manager can look for other resources to help the client or decide not to terminate the relationship because the client is still in need of those services. Since the case manager’s main goal is to help the client often times “Case Conferences”, a meeting between client, caregiver, service provider, and legal counsel, may be needed so the client will not be terminated before he or she receives the needed services (Case Management Society of America, 2010). If a
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