Independent Living Home Management and Unionization

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What would you advise the independent living home management to do about unionization? Should it oppose unionization? As a consulting firm, I would advise against any form of unionization on the part of Smith House's labor force. Unionization causes extreme complications in regards to the overall supply of labor within the market. Much like any business with excessive market share, unions control a labor supplied to a particular market. As such, unions by virtue of there size, can negotiate large and often substantial pay increases for members. This aspect, by itself, is not detrimental to Smith House as the company should pay wages commensurate with the skills and abilities of its personnel. The major concerns for Smith House in regards to unions are entitlement programs, benefits, and a sudden stoppage of work. First, the latter issue of work stoppage will be addressed. The health care profession, unlike many other professions is predicated on constant patient care. Smith House, by virtue of its market, must be open and staffed 24 hours a day. Health issues can arise at any moment. As such, the company must be prepared for random occurrences. The extreme dependence on LPN's for labor creates a huge and distinct advantage in regards to unions. A threat to withhold the labor force from Smith House in the form of a strike would be detrimental to business. For one, LPN's are not easily replaced. The health care field requires specialized knowledge which can take nearly a

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