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INDEPENDENT READING BOOK PROJECT Student name: Daniel Period: 3 Title of the Book: The Five People You Meet in Heaven Author: Mitch Albom Genre: P hilosophical fiction Pages: 1­196 Publishing Company: Hyperion Books Copyright date: 2003 Standards:Reading 2.0; Writing 2.2 I. Describe the protagonist (main Characters) of your book. The main protagonist is an old man named Edie. Edie is a thick, squat, old man with white hair, and a limp. He is kind and big­hearted with children. Eddie has worked at Ruby Pier as a maintenance worker for almost all his life. Eddie was a caring and compassionate man but he did not show these emotions. Eddie was 83 years old when he died…show more content…
E crying of horror and guilt. He realizes that he burned an innocent girl. VI. How does your book end? The book ends with Eddie finding his peace and purpose of life. He washes Tala and removes all the burnt skin. Tala tells Eddie that he saved the little girl. He was a protector of children at Ruby Pier. He help prevent many accidents. After Eddie’s accident, Ruby Pier reopens after the third day, Dominguez, Eddie’s assistant, is promoted to Eddie’s old position.We learn that the key that ruptured the cable in the ride belonged to Nicky, Ruby’s Great­Grandson. (Ruby was the woman who named the Pier, Ruby Pier). The novel ends with how “Amy or Annie”, the little girl that Eddie saved, will eventually die and met with her five people one of them being Eddie. VII. In what ways does this ending “resolve” the conflict of your book” i.e., what is the resolution of the conflicts you described above? Eddie’s worst fear had come true: he had killed an innocent child during the war while burning down the camp. Tala leads Eddie to the resolution of his fifth lesson. Tala tells him that he didn’t waste his life. Tala helps him understand that his place was at Ruby Pier. The resolution is that Eddie realizes his
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