Independent Record Label Essay

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The Music Industry has been a constant in the hearts of fans and the general public for years. During those years, music companies were ran a certain way that may have seemed successful for a while. Everything changed when Independent Record Labels were created. Music was revolutionized when the effects of Independent Record Labels took place, when Atlantic Records was created, and when founders, producers, and artists worked together to create a viable business and music outlet. Music was indeed revolutionized when the effects of Independent Record Labels took place. Atlantic Records and Stax both play a role in showing how Independent Record Labels were so successful. Before Atlantic Records, there had been Independent Record Labels but…show more content…
In 1947, Atlantic Records was created by Ahmet Ertegun and Herb Abramson in New York City (Callahan and Edwards). This would end up being one of the biggest and most important achievements in music history. As discussed in the previous paragraph, Atlantic Records was able to incorporate many different kinds of genres into their label making them unique compared to their competitors. Callahan and Edwards describe the jazz musicians that they had as “giants”, such as Lester Young and Sidney Bechet. The fact that they were able to have connections with these “giants” shows that from the start, they appealed to the big stars and I believe this showed they were destined for stardom. Atlantic Records also produced multiple #1 hits in the R&B category in the 1950’s (Callahan and Edwards). In the late 1950’s and throughout the 1960’s, Atlantic Records created many big soul hits as well (Callahan and Edwards). This record company was able to do it all. Another big time period was from 1953-1955 when pop artists started to cover R&B songs (Callahan and Edwards). Atlantic Records was able to jump on this new trend and this became a big part of their success and continued fame (Callahan and Edwards). The ability to capitalize on market trends is important in all facets of business and Atlantic Record showed that they were smart in running the business. Atlantic Records had a great relationship
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