Independents In The Post-World War

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One area for future analysis is the role of independents in the post-World War II shift in partisanship. We have for decades assumed that independents were either closeted partisans or that they were apathetic nonvoters (Dalton 2013). Recent research has suggested that there has been a shift in the structure of independent voters. There are the independents that fit the mold of how we traditionally saw independents called apoliticals. These independents have little knowledge about politics, don’t see politics as mattering to them, and are less likely to participate in politics by voting, giving money, or volunteering with a campaign than other members of the electorate. There has been a steady growth nationally since the 1950s in apartisans.…show more content…
Living on a farm for the first half of my life, I know that my dad and many of our neighbors’ schedules revolved around the rain. Aquaponic and hydroponic methods of farming both provide dramatic reduction in water usage. One system designed by Nate Storey claims to be able to reduce water usage substantially (2014). He says that a similar sized back yard garden will use twenty times the water as hydroponic/aquaponics system. Other systems have seen similar reduction in water usage, because unlike traditional farming with irrigation, aquaponics and hydroponics is a closed system that recirculates water multiple times so that most water loss is through evaporation and the plants using it for osmosis. In traditional farming, water is lost to runoff or evaporates before the crops have a chance to use it. Moreover, aquaponics was originally mentioned as a way to reduce fish imports and allow people of inland populations to have locally raised fish and produce in the Virgin Islands (Rakocy 2000). With the need to provide food, particularly meat, aquaponically raised fish provide an alternative to shipping fish inland from the coasts or international…show more content…
Organic farming requires certification and record keeping that traditional farming methods don’t require. With agriculture still an important output in the South, there is need for research on the roles of policy change and state agencies in reducing the costs of converting farmers from traditional growing methods to organic growing
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