Indi A Pharmacist's Medical Mission

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In a world filled with many opportunities in the health care field to impact and make a difference in others lives, missionary work is a huge contribution. It has created opportunities to not only improve health care, but also provides volunteer work, learning experiences, and the ability to share. Share, love, compassion, faith, and hope therefore improving others lives. Through health care missions you are able to build relationships with those people on a different level while you provide aid to their needs. These relationships make it possible to show compassion and love to the patient, lighting the way for them, allowing them to have faith and hope. As a volunteer when giving aid to the people there is the opportunity to show…show more content…
Even though they have little to give the patients will give all that they can to show every bit of thankfulness that they possibly can. Frieda Schmidt, having played the role of a volunteer on a medical ship, says in the article “Giving Mercy”, that “The people we help are very grateful. Often they thank us by bringing bags of oranges or a papaya, they can’t bring money, but just want to say thank you and that’s so rewarding” (28). Most patients showed their gratitude through food and even meals, the people had little to give, but sure gave what they had to offer. Judith E. Sulik talks about in her article "On The Good Ship Mercy" how part of the patient’s culture that came along with extreme poverty were commonly language barriers (50). David Wells goes on to say, that it is especially needed in rural areas there always seemed to be the need of an interpreter; even in some areas where English was a common language, there still came up problems with accents and idioms amongst the language (2050). Harsh living conditions, language barriers, and also social limitations, particularly towards women, can make life tough for these patients. While, they can also cause volunteers and workers to make cultural and lifestyle adjustments, due to this shocking experience. Some advice if one is interested in taking part on a medical mission from David Wells, a pharmacist having taken part on a medical
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