Indi A Very Respectful Man And An Intellectual Leader

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Vallabhai Patel is known as a very respectful man and an intellectual leader, hence is the reason we almost always see the word "Sardar" in front of his name which literally means leader in languages related to Hindi. However, not many of his achievements are widely known being that Patel was the type of man that focused more on working than making public appearances. Therefore, in this paper my argument is that many of Sardar Vallabhai Patel 's actions greatly motivated individuals to aid India to overcome some of its struggles during and after India 's independence; especially, by leading in protests such as the 1917 "No Tax campaign", his achievement of uniting over five hundred Princely States after India had won independence, and his…show more content…
This movement made major life changes by providing Patel more opportunities, for instance he was able to branch out in politics, was elected as three times to be Ahmedabad 's Municipal President, and made British leaders to recognized him as a force to be reckoned with; While, also helping him gain a great deal of respect from the villagers, who awards Patel with the "Sardar" title. This isn 't the last time Patel put his all in helping the people of Ahmedabad, as a matter of fact around 1922-1928 during the same period when he was serving three terms as Municipal President, Ahmedabad, he made pushes that benefit Ahmedabad. Some examples of this is, that many of the schools went through reforms to improve education for the youth, as well as fighting for better payment for teachers, Ahmedabad becoming a major supply of electricity, along with drainage and sanitation systems throughout the city. However, there
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