Indi India's Economic Effect On The United States

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Cultivating India: How India Is Growing and Why It Matters to the United States Introduction A. The Importance of India in the Global Market (include problem and Thesis statement that answers it) B. Preview: why and how india’s economy is growing and competing globally C. Preview: india’s economic effect on the u.s. economy Factors of India’s Economic Growth (II) Several growth factors contribute to India’s burgeoning national and global economic presence. Having the largest population of youth on the planet means that India’s workforce is surging, especially in the areas of agriculture and manufacturing. The nation’s growth in production, income, and education leads to a rising middle class consumer base. Finally, the growth of India’s economy is facilitated by political leadership changes and government initiatives that favor an open economy and global competition. In 2006, fifty percent of India’s population was under the age of twenty-five. (Kamdar, 2007, pg. 8) The number of 15-24 year olds, which is the demographic most suited to entry-level work, is nearing 250 million. This is in sharp contrast to India’s largest Asia competitor China, whose youth workforce is declining due to regulated birth rates and a spike in college enrollment. (Youth population chart, NYT, 2015) A larger base of workers for input in emerging markets leads to greater outputs of production, which is important for shifting the production possibility curve outward and building a strong
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