Indi The Architecture Of Community

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1. Introduction
"A City is not an accident but the result of coherent vision and aims."
- Leon Krier, The Architecture of Community
India is moving towards fast paced economic growth. After India entered Open Market Operations under the leadership of Prime Minister P.V. Narsimha Rao, economic policies endured lots of opportunities for foreign direct investment further offering people new windows of employment and growth of the nation overall. In the reports of McKinsey 's India 's Urban awakening, "it has been mentioned that many countries are facing problems of aging population whereas India comparatively has a young and growing population which is a potential demographic advantage". For this advantage to work wonders, India needs urban centers with better transportation, infrastructural facilities and housing. In the very same report of McKinsey, "it said that the urban economy will provide 85 percent of total revenue, which will finance development nationwide". Thus report of McKinsey indirectly states that cities are the engines of growth, hence with better transportation system and infrastructure the urban development will enhance at a faster pace.
Public transportation takes a special place in city 's smooth functioning, since it offers mobility and access to people in accomplishing their daily tasks. Technological advancement and rise in incomes have made people to rely more on private mode of transport due to poor services by public transport agencies in India.

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