Indi The Biggest Film Industry

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Bollywood is almost a religion for the people who live in India; it is the biggest film industry in terms of sale. As Dagnaud and Fiegelson describe the situation, Ranking number one in the world for the film production, being part of the top group of the cinema enthusiast nations, endowed with T.V. channels and with a music industry full of dynamism, India has thus developed an entertainment industry of large size movies playing the role of a launching pad. According to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India , 2013 figures show that India is the 14th largest entertainment and media industry in the world. This national revenue contributes to about 1% of the global entertainment and media’s GDP. Bollywood is one of the largest and most successful industries in the world which has been running for 100 years, 2008 figures show that the Indian Film industry has grown by 17% over the course of three years (2004-2007). The toe-curling embarrassment we face when one of these sensual performances are broadcasted during family TV time makes me wonder why it’s uncomfortable to watch women perform item numbers like Baby Doll and not have a problem when watching scenes similar to Dostana when John Abraham is swimming in trunks. Is this because of the stereotypes that Indian society has about how “decent” women should behave? Or is it due to the vulgarity of the performance? The story and themes of Bollywood movies traditionally portray the culture of religion; this has now

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