Indi The Country Of India Essay

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There are so many places to see in this world, yet so many go overlooked by conservative travelers. One destination that was long overlooked but is recently starting to pop up on a lot of traveler 's radars is the country of India. This country has something for every vacationer, regardless of budget or interests. You can be touring national monuments in cities like Agra or Varanasi one day, and the next day, you could be dancing the night away at a massive, European style nightclub in cities like New Delhi or Mumbai. While there are opportunities to soak up the luxuries of India, these opportunities tend to come at quite a premium, and many travelers just aren 't interested in paying such costs. Luckily, India provides the perfect blend of adventure and low cost for budget travelers. In fact, this great place can be seen, heard, felt, and experienced for next to nothing if you play your cards right. While tourism has recently taken off in India, it is still a relatively unexplored nation, especially by Americans. Most of us see the news in this country and see India come up in one of two discussions: acts of terrorism or it 's emerging economy. I find it sad that the average view on India has to come from such a narrowly focused source, but such is life in America; the negative news sadly controls a lot of our perceptions. I am happy to say that I have traveled to India and can assure you all with complete honesty that I have not felt safer in any other country, including

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