Indi The World 's Most Culturally And Culturally Diverse Nations

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I was born and raised in India one of the world’s most culturally and religiously diverse nations. India has 29 states, with people who follow six major religions and speak more than hundred languages. India is a country that is not only culturally diverse, but also has diversity in the socio-economic status of the people. There are people who reside in the world 's largest slum and barely make their financial ends meet, and then there are people who have helipads on the roof of their homes and maintain a status of the worlds wealthiest persons. I spent my pre-teen and early teenage years in Amritsar, a medium sized city along the India-Pakistan border in the state of Punjab. Amritsar is considered to be the holy place for the Sikhs who visit Golden Temple the Vatican for Sikhs. Punjab use to be a state that boasted freedom fighters, healthy and strong people and a rich heritage, but after 2000 the state fell in the trap of drug addiction. According NY Times, 60% drugs seized in entire India are seized from the state of Punjab. Being neighboring state to Pakistan the state has become a major route for drug trafficking. A small, impoverished neighborhood in Amritsar, Maqboolpura, is often referred as the village of Widows because of the number of men who have lost their lives to drug addiction. The burgeoning of drugs has led to an upsurge in H.I.V positive people. Just to obviate the spread of H.I.V some NGO’s distribute clean syringes to addicts. This problem has not been

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