India: A Destination for International Surrogacy Essay

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To understand any topic in full, its necessary to know the meanings of the terms related to it. Hence the paper will start with definitions of the terms of the sub theme. It will help and enhance better understanding of the topic.

INDIA is a country which is at the centre of commercial surrogacy. Surrogacy happens in a lot of other countries but not at such a commercial level. It has almost become like a business. Clinics and medical centers are cashing on this business in a big way. The reason being, that, in other countries it is a very expensive task. But in India owing to the availability of a large number of surrogates, the …show more content…

Medical facilities and infrastructure are updated because of rising demand.

SURROGACY is defined as a process in which a women carries and delivers a child. It could be traditional surrogacy or gestational surrogacy. Gestational surrogacy is what we deal with here, in the current scenario. In traditional surrogacy the genetic mother of the baby, only gives birth to the baby, there is just clinical procedure that aids it to happen. In case of gestational surrogacy, the women need not in any way be genetically similar to baby. The embryo is already formed, and is clinically transferred into a surrogate and the baby is delivered with the genetics of the parents. The clinical setting is very complicated and intense. And in a country like India, where there might not be much of basic infrastructure, a lot is spent on medical setting for surrogacy. Because it is a business making and money making industry. And the clinics and medical centers find it lucrative to spend on and advance on its features. The need for surrogacy initially arose when, there was infertility in a couple, or there was risk of carrying a baby. These women had to prefer other alternatives, which they had to compromise a little in. they didn’t get to choose the genetics of the child and hence were dissatisfied to a great extent. Adoption had become an equally good option. That was when surrogacy seemed like the best choice. Since the baby was delivered with your genes and

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