India: An Attractive Market for Mobile Phone Manufacturers

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In the recent times, India has emerged to become one of the most attractive markets for mobile phone manufacturers. With a huge population, India possesses a comparatively high teledensity of 74.50 (according to the latest report published by TRAI on 12th March, 2014). Of the overall teledensity, Wireless forms a major part with a teledensity of 72.18. With a total of 893 million wireless subscribers, India has attracted the focus of all the major mobile phone manufacturers, considering an addition of 7.02 million wireless subscribers every month, on an average. On the other side, one can notice the decline in the number of Wireline subscribers which has reduced by approximately 0.17 million subscribers every month on an average. All these numbers clearly points out to the abundance of growth opportunities in the Indian mobile phone industry pertaining to almost all economic and social sectors. In the past decade, the Indian mobile phone industry has seen the entrance and growth of many global players including Apple, Samsung, Sony, LG etc. Not only the global players, but many new Indian players have entered the industry recently, including Micromax, Karbonn, Videocon, etc. The industry has moved on by leaps and bounds in terms of technology and competition. From the times when Nokia was a dominant player in the market capturing an extremely high market share, we have seen many new entrants providing a healthy competitive landscape with players like Samsung, Sony and HTC

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