India And The Indian Constitution

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We have perused in the past sections that there are numerous minority communities in India and our constitution itself has made numerous laws for them to shield their society and to give them education and to help them in different approaches to carry on a content and safe lives. The Indian Constitution guarantees "justice, social, economic and political" to all citizens. The Indian Constitution has additionally embraced measures for the security of the privileges of the religious and ethnic minorities and of the socially and economically burdened classes, for example, the scheduled classes and scheduled tribes. For example,
1. Reservation in employments, education and in numerous different fields
2. Cultural and educational rights
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The procurements made in the Articles 16, 335, 338, 340, 341 & 342 of the Constitution identify with reservation, insurance and protections, in broad daylight job in appreciation of the persons having a place with the SCs/STs and other backward classes.
Article 16 empowers the "State" to make procurements for reservation of arrangements or posts for SCs, STs and OBCs.
Yet at the same time, the state of alleged underprivileged segments in India is the same even that we have crossed such a variety of many years of freedom. Reservation is working in the inverse course to its primary goal as is dividing the general public further. It is constantly used to elevate one area of the general public at the expense of an alternate, which is not reasonable. Rather than this there ought to be equivalent open doors for all. In addition, an able applicant does not require any endorsement of being from a lower standing to demonstrate their value. It is his mind, education and ability to contend that can get change life. Pulling up a chair just by demonstrating your under advantaged testament won 't provide for you anything, however simply the degree or a vocation.
Additionally the reservation framework in India is making a workforce which is not competent enough to contend
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